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How it works


  • Get prepared to receive the CSPN 3.0 Token.
  • Register an account for free on the CSPN Swap Platform.
  • Deposit CSPN.
  • Swap your coins to CSPN 3.0.
  • Withdraw your CSPN 3.0 Tokens to your Polygon (Matic) Wallet Address.

Get Prepared to receive the CSPN 3.0 Token

Using Metamask

  • Install Metamask for your browser, if you don't have it already installed (supported: Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge).
  • Create a new / Log in to your existing Metamask Wallet.
  • Add the Polygon (Matic) Mainnet to Metamask by simply visiting this link and clicking on Add Polygon Network at the bottom of the page. Or add it manually by following these steps.
  • In Metamask, click on Add Token, switch to the Custom Token Tab and put in the CSPN 3.0 Contract Address:

    0x9A0b381394fbE689B344d1ebd2d4DccFF31adf87Click to Copy

    (Make sure the "Token Symbol" is set to CSPN and "Decimals of Precision" is set to 18)
  • Withdraw your CSPN 3.0 Tokens to your Metamask Wallet Address.

Using AlphaWallet

  • Install AlphaWallet on your Android/iOS Mobile Device if you don't already have it installed.
  • Open AlphaWallet and create a new Wallet, in case you did not already do this.
  • Go to Settings and Back Up Your Wallet! Keep the 12 words seed phrase at a secure place!
  • Back on Home Screen (Wallet Tab), click on the Scan Icon in the upper right corner and scan the following QR Code:

  • From the Menu select Add Custom Token, wait for it to find the CSPN Token Contract, check it and save.
  • Withdraw your CSPN 3.0 Tokens to AlphaWallet Wallet Address.